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When Newsweek isn’t calling everyone who disagrees with Obama stupid, (gee, at least they didn’t use the race card) they’re pimping fundamentalist Islamic friendly tripe coming from Richard Dickey. The attack by Dickey is on Geert Wilders, the only European politician who dares to come out swinging against the tyranny of Islam.

NOTE: And for the record, no, I don’t support Wilders’ socialist big government policies, but he’s the only one willing to do what needs to be done is salvaging Europe from its current self inflicted mess.

H/T: Sheik Yer Mami (pbuh)


But first, read this excellent comment to the Newsweek article published at the Daily Beast, by the commenter OzDeist:

“Before Somebody Gets Hurt?” … You wouldn’t be referring to radical Islamists being provoked and hurting innocents, would you? That’s the typical mentality of the “useful idiot” – if bloody-thirsty Islamic fanatics have been inspired by the Qur’an to go on a killing rampage, it’s totally our fault for hurting their feelings.

The reality is, Christopher, that each death threat does prove Wilder’s point. He wouldn’t receive so many threats if he were to criticize Buddhism, Judaism, atheism, communism or any other ideology or creed. The Qur’an is explicit about promoting violence and intimidation as a means to achieving an objective. If you’d cut the tiresome ad hominem arguments against Geert Wilders, pick up a Qur’an for yourself and read it, you might in fact have a moment of clarity from your liberal dazing.

And by the way, while it’s true that Wilder’s name was mentioned in Breivik’s manifesto, the name’s of John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, and Charles Darwin were also included. In fact by your rationale, we may also deduce that Charles Darwin was directly responsible for inspiring Nazism and Marxism.”

Here is a piece from the New English Review that further drives the stake into Dufus Dickey’s fallacious meme:

Apparently Christopher Dickey, who for many years had a photograph of Yasir Arafat hanging on his Newsweek office wall in Paris, thinks that “someone could get hurt” if Geert Wilders continues to say what, for the well-informed, is obvious: that what is in Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, if taken to heart, makes every Believer a menace, in posse and, whenever the spirit moves him, in esse, to all non-Muslims.

Apparently Christopher Dickey has not noticed the 2.5 million black African Christians killed in the southern Sudan by northern Muslims, never noticed what happened to the Igbo and other Christians before, during, and after the Biafra War, has not noticed what has been happening to Christians in Iraq and in Pakistan and in Indonesia, at the hands of Muslims, has been unaware that Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh have had any problems with Muslims, did not realize that Buddhists in southern Thailand and in the Chittagong Hills area of Bangladesh have suffered repeated attacks by Muslims, does not know what happens to Filipino Christians at the hands of Muslims, has no idea why Jews, once they dared to stop being dhimmis, which is what the State of Israel signified to Muslims, were forced to flee from Muslim-dominated lands or to endure even worse insecurities, more diabolical persecution, and murder, than they had before, as porgroms all over the Arab lands showed.

None of this has made an impression on Christopher Dickey, who has been reporting on the Middle East, and the world, for decades, self-satisfied with his own continuing complete incomprehension of Islam, even as the Western press is inundated by what might be given a separate section: Jihad News of the Day.

NOTE: Stick in the fork, Dufus Dickey is done.

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  1. A brainwashed mind cannot assimilate facts and logic. You can disprove and debunk their upside-down conclusions forever and there are three constant responses in a debate, none of which are rational, none of which are relevant to debate according to a sane mind:

    1) denial of facts
    2) deflection – changing the subject
    3) personal insults

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