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Because, what would you expect from adherents to an ideology that has a history of espousing eugenics? KGS

NOTE: Whether it’s false racial or economic ‘science’ the Left’s penchant for societal manipulation spans the socialist spectrum, from the communists/national socialists to the modern day SDP party. It’s their common thread.

Pro-life play provokes socialist backlash in Spanish city of Merida

Socialist political party in the Spanish city of Merida has asked the government to prohibit a pro-life play

“Vidiana: Abortion Clinic,” tells the story of seven pregnant women who plan to have abortions, but change their minds after an eighth pregnant woman convinces them to keep their children. It is scheduled to be shown in the city government’s Alcazaba Cultural Center.

The play’s director, Isidro Leyva, notes that it is “very descriptive, with difficult moments in which it is explained, for example, how abortions are done.”
Representatives of Merdia’s United Left want the government to remove the play from its municipal theater, claiming that it constitutes a “stigmatization of the women who find themselves obligated to carry out this kind of intervention (abortion), which results in the deterioration in the social image of women who submit to an absolutely legal procedure.”

They also complain that the hosting of the work by the city constitutes “the establishment of a series of moral judgments that do not at all correspond to public administration.”

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