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Just remember one thing, Tunisia’s Jews are living in a state of fear, not knowing which way this revolution is going, having their synagogue repeatedly attacked over the years, the latest being in September of last year (2011). How a society treats its minorities is a good indication of the health of that society. KGS

NOTE: This was published at the Gates of Vienna

Below is an interview with Bassam Tibi from Thursday’s Die Presse. Many thanks to doxRaven for the translation:

“The Muslim Brotherhood is a totalitarian movement”

The Islamic scholar Bassam Tibi does not believe that Egypt’s victorious Islamists will be in the mood to compromise. In Tunisia he sees better conditions for democratisation.

How may the Arab spring be characterised?

Bassam TibiAt the end of the Eighties, parallel to the collapse of Communism, a wave of democratisation swept over the world. However, the Arab regimes proved resistant to this development, preserving a piece of the Cold War. But a year ago all this changed. The fall of the Tunisian dictator Ben Ali released a wave of democratisation throughout the region. Imagine you are standing at a zebra crossing in front of a red light. Everyone is just standing there, but as soon as someone goes all the others follow.

Read the entire piece here.

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