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They’re (the Left) pathetic as they are true to form.

In flap over S. Carolina law, old tensions and a campaign issue

COLUMBIA, South Carolina | Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:30am EST

(al-Reuters) – The state that fired the first shot in the Civil War is once again battling the government in a racially charged conflict that is drawing heated rhetoric from Republican presidential candidates.

[TT: Only because the Left and their lib media lackeys are stoking the fire for their own political purposes. What else can explain such an imbecilic response to a rational call for oversight in the election process? In Finland you can’t vote without proper identification, but in the US, Democrats couldn’t care less of the disenfranchisement that results from people voting repeatedly in the same election, as well as illegals.]

South Carolina is in a standoff with Democratic President Barack Obama’s administration over a new state law that would require residents to produce a photo ID before they could vote. Federal officials say it could disproportionately keep black voters away from the polls.

For South Carolina’s Republican leaders – and Republican presidential candidates seeking support in the state’s primary on January 21 – the Justice Department’s move is the latest in a series of intrusions into state business by Washington.

Republican candidates are waving the banner of states’ rights as they tout their small-government credentials.

[TT: This journalist obviously doesn’t hold the 10th Amendment in too high of regard. Every state waves the banner of states’ rights by default, in the constitution itself. ]

“Each of our states are under assault right now by this administration,” Texas Governor Rick Perry said Saturday at a candidates’ forum in Charleston. “We may be under assault – South Carolina, they’re actually at war with you.”

Such declarations might make for smart politics in a state that has a suspicion of Washington woven into its DNA, but they risk stirring up the race-baiting that has been an ugly feature of South Carolina politics in the past.

[TT: The only race baiting going on is by Leftards themselves, who want to mix race into every issue where they disagree with Republicans/conservatives. This is clearly not a race based issue, in spite of their efforts to make it into one. The Left is more than willing to claim that many Blacks are unable to own an I.D. card, as if they are a bunch of morons and/or children who can’t be counted on to act as adults. Do you see how paternalistic (read = racism of lower expectations) this is?]

The rallying cry of states’ rights was used to defend slavery before the Civil War and racial segregation during the post-World War Two battles over civil rights.

[TT: It was also states acting against slavery that ended the practice in the South. Also, the US federal government had a central role in support of slavery in the South (done at the behest of Southern states’ legislation,  as well as Plessy vs. Ferguson, Dredd Scott decision in the Supreme Court decision, and Woodrow Wilson (Lefty) that enacted anti-black policies in government institutions). So the US government had as big a hand in slavery as did the Southern states, making the present day Lefty rhetoric  sounding mighty hollow.]

Recently, South Carolina Republicans have argued that the federal government is interfering in their plans for education, healthcare, labor law, immigration policy and voting.

More of this pathetic drivel here.

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  1. Since blacks will vote for a Dem no matter what, race is a non-issue. Repubs can answer how they can, it won’t matter to the outcome where that bloc is concerned. Sooner or later one will need ID to vote because it is common sense. Voters are wise to what got America to the state it is in.

    Blacks have not noticed the death of the civil rights movement brought on by Obama. You can’t just stop it for four years and then start it up again when it suits you. There will be leftover politicians who will show guilt, but the average non-black has seen the
    damage done by 50 years of spending, how that spending created the black middle class, and then how promptly the black middle class threw poor blacks under the bus.

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