He should have had an umbrella protecting himself from the spittle splashing Matthews, at I would have, peeking around it only after he stopped asking a question. Good interview by the way. KGS

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  1. Yes it was a good interview.

    Ad hominem attacks on Newt Gingrich by Mitt Romney have to raise serious concerns about Romney’s credentials and credibility.

    Why would you ever vote for a guy who feels impelled to run negative campaigns about a fellow conservative, always assuming that the term conservative applies to Romney which I doubt very much?

    If I were an American I would vote for the person with brains and who loves his country. That comes down to Gingrich at this stage.

    On a lighter note, don’t you just hate situations where obtuse people invade your personal space and target you with sprays of spittle. Hard to duck for cover.

  2. People decry negative ads, but they still do them because they work. I wonder why the likes of Chris Matthews would give Gingrich a platform. Could the Left see the handwriting on the wall for Obama?

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