While his blurb on ‘extreme right’ is bogus, I can only hope that this trivializer of Muslim Jew-hatred (anti-Semitism) is correct in his observations that he can’t counter the Right’s call for Europe to reintroduce itself to its liberal (classic sense) democratic roots, founded on freedom of speech and Western values. We don’t need Islam. KGS

NOTE: The TT went head to head with this Turkish shmuck over free speech in 2008 in Helsinki. He’s a bigot and a totalitarian…which makes him the right person to head the OIC.

OIC/EU: “The increasing role of the extreme right in Western politics is beyond our abilities to counter them” says OIC Secretary General

JEDDAH, 8 Safar/Jan 3 (IINA)-Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said that the European Union offered to host the third meeting of the ‘Istanbul Process’, which deliberates, in a series of meetings, on developing mechanisms to implement UNHRC Resolution 16/18 on combating intolerance, discrimination and incitement to violence based on religion ore belief.

The Secretary General of Islamic Cooperation in his office in Jeddah on Tuesday 30 January 2012 pointed out that the EU’s offer to host the meeting represents a qualitative shift in action against the phenomenon of Islamophobia, which spread in many European countries, targeting the Muslim communities there.

The phenomenon of Islamophobia is found in the West in general, but is growing in European countries in particular and in a manner different than that in the US, which had contributed to drafting Resolution 16/18.  The new European position represents the beginning of the shift from their previous reserve over the years over the attempts by the OIC to counter “defamation of religions” in the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations.

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  1. Meanwhile Christians in Muslim nations are being murdered, Christian girls abducted and forcibly married off to Muslims, and Christians, once a majority are being driven out. All being done by Muslims with sanction from imams, the koran, and the example of mohammed.

    Does the MSM have anything to say?

  2. Incredible work! Keep it up in this new year.

    All the best,


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