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Heavy Metal rockers push the limits to what is slowly becoming the norm for ‘free speech. Please take notice what was singled out as evidence of stepping over the line. KGS

Christianity is mentioned in the same lyrics, but that doesn’t seem to have been given any emphasis,” he wrote.

Anti-Islam lyrics no barrier to Norway music prize

Published: 05 Jan 2012 12:32 GMT+1

A black metal band nominated for Norway’s top music prize has rejected claims that lyrics on its latest album go too far in their criticism of Islam.

Taake’s nomination for the Spellemann Prize in the Best Metal Album category has sparked a strong reaction from listeners who find some of the band’s lyrics objectionable, newspaper Aftenposten reports.

In the song Orkan (‘Hurricane’) on its latest album, Noregs Vaapen, the band sings “To hell with Muhammad and the Mohammedans” and their “unforgivable customs”. It ends with the line: “Norway will soon awaken”.

Marte Thorsby, chairman of the prize committee’s board, denied any assertion that the jury must not have listened to the album properly before announcing the nomination.

“We enjoy full freedom of expression in Norway and a Spellemann jury is not going to censor content in any way,” she told Aftenposten.

But Didrik Søderlind, of the Norwegian Humanist Association, argued that the song in question went too far.

Søderlind said the lyrics were excessive to begin with, “and in the aftermath of July 22nd they’re completely over the edge.”

“I’d imagine Taake aren’t particularly proud of these lyrics after Utøya,” he said, referring to the massacre of 69 young people at a summer camp last summer by anti-Islam extremist Anders Behring Breivik.

In a written response to the newspaper, Taake front-man Ørjan Stedjeberg said his sole intention with the contentious lyrics was to criticize religion.

“Our view, in the name of freedom of expression, is that it is shameful to adhere to Christianity or Islam. Incidentally, Christianity is mentioned in the same lyrics, but that doesn’t seem to have been given any emphasis,” he wrote.

“Taake has never been a political band, and we do not encourage either violence or racism.”

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  1. That says to me that the next generation is tired of the PC BS.

  2. That’s because us Christians are bigger than that. You can scream abuse in our face, but we will still feed you if you’re hungry, and give you a blanket if you’re cold. Islam will execute you, and laugh as you die. We don’t mind a bit of criticism 🙂

    1. @Sigdrifa :
      you have a totally wrong ideas or thoughts about Islam, Media shows you That muslims are ignorant or terrorists … but they are not , Just visit Egypt or Syria or even UAE..etc , and you will see the Muslims .. I have a friends from Germany and Norway and they didnt say what you said .
      Read about Islam or you can visit any country which I mentioned … but dont talk about something you dont even know ..

      1. Necro, your comment is interesting, complete denial of every concrete fact about Islam, the damage its caused throughout the world, the warping of communities and making them into the shit holes that they are today. Watching that shithole mentality spread to the West is just too much for us to take, and we’re pushing back against it. It’s called anti-Islamization.

  3. ohhhh… I forgot
    this sites supports racism and zionism 😀
    okey then

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