It’s the UN’s golden meme to beat Israel over the head with, and they’re going to stick with it, regardless of the fact that it’s entirely false. The ones who really are occupying Gaza are the Hamas, when they through out (and off of very tall buildings) Fattah. KGS

Hamas says Gaza ‘not occupied;’ UN disagrees

01/04/2012 23:16

Latest UN declaration of Israel’s ‘occupation’ is part of a wider push to maintain Palestinian helplessness.

GENEVA – The UN continues to label the Gaza Strip “occupied” by Israel, despite a Hamas leader stating this week that that’s no longer a tenable position.

Hamas co-founder Mahmoud Zahar confirmed Tuesday there is no Israeli occupation of Gaza, according to a report published by Ma’an, a Bethlehem- based Palestinian news agency.

Zahar was casting doubt on whether Hamas would organize anti-Israel marches in Gaza in conjunction with similar protests that the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority would organize in the West Bank.

“Against whom could we demonstrate in the Gaza Strip? When Gaza was occupied, that model was applicable,” Zahar said.

The radical Islamist organization has merely recognized the obvious: that after Israel in 2005 dismantled its military administration in Gaza, forcibly evicted all Israeli residents and withdrew every last soldier, Israel no longer occupies the territory by any legal definition or other sense of the term.

Whatever external control Israel – and Egypt – may exercise, everyone in Gaza knows that Hamas rules the territory with an iron fist.

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  1. But Gaza is occupied. It’s occupied by Egypt.

    Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza. The Muslim Brotherhood is egyptian.

    They can speak out of however many sides of their mouthes they like but they can’t change the fact that Hamas and the MB are one and the same.

    And members of the MB getting elected to office in Egypt just adds to it.

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