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  1. This is another example of how we are losing the battle of islamization of non-muslim countries.

    Muslims have us backed into a corner. They have an excuse , a maneuver, a tactic for silencing any criticism of any aspect of islam. They are now in control of the UN too. They excel at propaganda & lies and the use of a made up word to silence any of their critics. They succeed because we allow them to silence us.

    Stand up, speak up and demand to be heard. And it’s time to either dissolve the UN or leave it and insist it depart Western shores.

  2. Agreed. Stop funding the UN and make them leave. Whatever usefulness anyone thought they were once muslim countries and other third world countries got a majority has become counter to the security interests of the US. They have to go. Let them go with their hands out somewhere else. All this is doing now is giving them a platform against democracy.

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