Finland multiculturalism



But now with a touch of realism. (Not really for kids anymore)

NOTE: Thanks to Vlad for putting this together and to Kumitonttu for the H/T.

2 Responses

  1. How exciting can all these differences be? Let’s just look next door at the magical land of Sweden…! The “similar and different” game sure has been a lot of fun for them, so why not double down on the same failed experiment is Finland, too?? Tosi hauskaa!

  2. That’s exactly the method used by the Leftists/Communists to brainwash the youngsters when they are young and pliable, in the media using songs and cartoons. My adult children and myself spend much time ‘deprograming’ my grandchildren on many of the outright lies and half truths taught in school and in entertainment, Especially in the areas of multiculturalism and so-called climate change. It’s not easy to do but it is worthwhile.

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