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Something else that Obama and Abbas  have in common besides Muslim fathers, giving his ear to terrorists.

Abbas appoints terrorist released in Shalit deal as adviser

Gen. Mahmoud Damara, who was released from Israeli prison in October, was one of the leaders of Fatah’s Force 17 terror unit • Damara responsible for initiating shootings, bombings against Israelis • PA president appoints him as adviser in his office in Ramallah.

Israel Hayom Staff

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has appointed a convicted terrorist, previously jailed in Israel and released as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap in October, as the newest adviser in his office in Ramallah, Israel Radio reported Monday.

Gen. Mahmoud Damara was one of the leaders of Fatah’s Force 17 special operations terror unit, which was later absorbed into the PA’s national security apparatus and is known to have been involved in terror.

Damara was charged with initiating shooting attacks and bombings against Israelis through Force 17. He himself even fired RPG missiles at Israel Defense Forces tanks during the second Intifada.

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  1. I still say, the Isrealis should lojack them or discredit them so they can’t go back and be accepted.

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