Egypt Mocking Islam Mohamed



This calls for ‘mo’ pics of Mo to be published….

Student to be held 15 days over images of Prophet Mohamed

The Assiut township prosecutor has called for a Coptic student accused of publishing offensive images of Prophet Mohamed to be held for 15 days pending investigations.

Muslim residents accused the student of posting the images on his Facebook account.

Violent clashes between Muslims and Christians took place over the weekend in the villages of Baheeg, Adr, Salam and Menqebad. At least six houses owned by Copts were set on fire after the incident was publicized.

Angry villagers and security forces hurled stones at each other, which reportedly led to the injury of seven security officers. They were transferred to the police hospital in Assiut.

The student denied posting the images, claiming that they were shared on his Facebook page without his permission.

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4 Responses

  1. I believe him about the images being posted by someone else.

    I would also like to know how the muslims found out about the images. If they were willing to attack him physically they were not friends of his – so what were they doing watching his facebook page? They were looking for a reason to attack him and may even have posted those pictures themselvs. There has been a stream of fake set ups and accusations made against christians in pakistan and egypt over the last year or so that led instantly to muslim aggression. Using facebook to construct fictitious casus belli is just a new wrinkle on the intentionally fictitious claims of koran burning we saw in pakistan recently.

    He was set up and used as an example to frighten other christians from posting what they like on the internet.

    If nazis were in ascendance today their gangs would be using facebook in the exact same ways, instead of just wandering the streets beating people up.

  2. With all of this Excitement and hoopla over the so-called Arab Spring’ I predict their will never be anything closely resembling a democratic government, a republic with the rule of law, or a nation with equal rights protecting all citizens. These Islamic countries will still be a type of ‘religious concentration camps’ cleverly disguised as nations with civil governments where the persecution and ‘religious cleansing’ of non Muslims will continue in perpetuity.

    1. Oh, by the way Big Frank, Barry Rubin, the professor and head of the GLORIA think tank in Israel has had a column of his on Egypt…banned from the UK government offices as…..hate speech, i’ll post on it soon

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