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Another industry shot to hell due to Islam.

The more a society is Islamized (meaning = in touch with its inner mohamed) the more intolerant and anti-modern it becomes. Just what exactly, is anything Western that’s not un-Islamic?  KGS

Maldives to close “un-Islamic” spas

The Maldives government has called for luxury resorts to close their spas in response to angry protests led by opposition groups that have demanded the country end “anti-Islamic” activities in the country.

The small islands nation’s presidential office said on Friday that the “the government has decided to close massage parlors and spas in the Maldives, following an opposition-led religious protest last week calling for their closure.”

The tourism ministry has yet to issue a statement over the matter, but officials according to local news sources said that the ministry has been notified by the president’s office of the decision.

The Indian Ocean archipelago with 1,192 tiny coral islands is known for its expensive and exquisite resorts. Many of the resorts often are featured on travel shows for their beauty and high-end spas.

Last week, thousands protested in the country calling on the government to stop what they called “anti-Islamic” activities.

Sunni Islam is the official religion in the Maldives and practicing any other faith is forbidden.

Last week’s protest was called by the opposition Adhaalat, or Justice, Party and several other groups that accuse President Mohammed Nasheed’s government of compromising principles of Islam and want strict Islamic law.

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  1. “Just what exactly, is anything Western that’s not un-Islamic? KGS”

    Well, now that you ask… automatic rifles, grenades, tanks, nuclear weapons, basically any Western invention that can maim or kill. They seem to think that all Western ideas and inventions are anti-koran, but hypocritically, not the ones that are capable of wounding, blinding, crippling or murdering. This is Islam as textbook. They ‘re not interested in anything that we’ve invented that can benefit mankind or that can bring pleasure. We’re not just dealing with luddites here, or with primitive people who practise a backward desert religion. We’re dealing with evil, pure and simple.
    When will civilised folk learn that Islam is not just an out-of-date medieval cult, it is Satanism in its most virulent form?

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