Norway War Against the Jihad War Crimes



If white phosphorous shells are fired into Israel and the media in Norway refuse to cover it, does it mean in ‘hornhelmet’ that it never happened at all? KGS

NOTE: This is a REAL violation of international law, while Israel uses legally recognized phosphorous to mark targets for shelling and for smokescreens, the Arabs (Hamas) target civilians with weapons filled with phosphorous to inflict the maximum in bodily harm. I wonder what the Norwegian Hamas stooge pair of Mads Gilbert and Fosse would say about that?


Nowegian schills for Hamas, boob team of Gilbert and Fosse: Hamas war crimes? We see nothing, hear nothing and know absolutely nothing!

White phosphorus found in mortar shells fired from Gaza

Two mortar shells fired at Eshkol Regional Council Sunday morning contained internationally prohibited substance that can cause severe burns, a police examination reveals

Ilana Curiel
Published: 01.01.12, 18:05 / Israel News

The two mortar shells fired Sunday morning from the Gaza Strip at the Eshkol Regional Council contained while phosphorous, an examination revealed. The shells landed in an open field and caused no injuries or damage.

The Negev District Police bomb squad unit examined the shells and determined that they contained the substance, which is banned by international law for use inside dense population concentrations. Those exposed to white phosphorous might suffer from severe burns and other injuries.

More here.

NOTE: Finnish media staying mum on the use of phosphorous shells by Hamas as well.

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  1. This is a serious escalation in the attacks coming from Gaza. The Scandinavian press will not cover the event but will cover the Israeli response with little, if any reference as to why IDF has to take these measures to protect Israel’s civilian population.

    It also goes without saying that the US media and the US State Department haven’t seemed to made much mention of this incident. It sounds quite serious to me.

  2. No surprise here, I’m expecting these inbred mutants to use chemical or biological weapons if they thought they could get away with it.

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