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The mind of the Finnish Left and their pseudo conservatives never ceases to amaze.

Forget about cutting the bloated public sector, lowering private income taxes and offering tax breaks to businesses to encourage development and expansion in the Finnish to boost the possibilities of ending high unemployment of immigrants in Finland. Nope, according to the officials in the city of Kuopio, you need to do the exact opposite, and just hire them into the bureaucracy. It’s entirely based on race and ethnicity. Brilliant!

NOTE: Reverse discrimination -regardless of the supposed noble aims- is still discrimination, and therefore immoral, and doubly so because its going to be done at the taxpayers’ expense.

Immigrant job quotas suggested in Kuopio

YLE: A quota-based solution to the problem of immigrant unemployment has been put forward in the city of Kuopio in central Finland. A Kuopio official says the city could be obliged to hire immigrants in proportion to the number of people of foreign background in the city’s population.

Currently, this would mean getting about 100 immigrants on the city’s payroll. The quota would specify the minimum, rather than the maximum number of employees of foreign origin.

Jarmo Rautjärvi, the Director of Social Services at the city of Kuopio, says this step would also improve services, since an increasing number of clients are in fact of foreign backgrounds.

Recruitment Manager Marja Hietamäki from the Kuopio University Hospital says that the hospital will also make a decision next year as to how to employ more people of foreign descent.

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