North Korea



New Scientist: The world’s most secretive country is also one of its darkest. This satellite image shows night in North Korea. The capital Pyongyang, near the western coast, is one of the only places in the country with electricity. At the top of the picture, the illuminations show cities in China. At the bottom right, Kyushu and the southern islands of Japan.

H/T: Fjordman

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  1. i bet the night sky is spectacular, though. just like it used to be when i was young.
    not all i see is the putrescent glow of street lights but very nearly.

    1. Yup.. the night sky probably is spectacular. Small consolation for any under-nourished freezing cold North-Korean amateur astronomer. Ooh look… is that the constellation of Kim-Jung Il the Lion? It’s there – just between Orion and Taurus?

  2. Strange to think that in the early 70’s, NK’s economy was stronger than that of the South.

  3. On the positive side, N Korea is an excellent place for optical and also radio astronomers- no RF pollution.

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