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The of scenario of a Muslim losing it because he’s sensibilities are offended, is exactly what the OIC has been marketing its ‘remedy’  the “Test of Consequences” around the West for. Supposedly we are to blame for their poor choices in behavior, never themselves. KGS

NOTE: And people (laughably) believe that an Islamic enlightenment can materialize in this kind of environment? Not a chance. Remember folks, not wanting to be subjugated by Islam is enough to set them off.

H/T: Kumitonttu

It was 2005 and Fattal, an expectant father with five siblings, was already a devout Muslim – but he was certainly no extremist.

At least, not yet.

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The Danish cartoons appeared to change that, setting him on a path towards a criminal conviction for plotting to kill as many Australians as possible to advance the cause of Islam.

Fattal, now 35, had just returned to his homeland of Lebanon when the cartoons were first published.

He was infuriated by what many Muslims believed was an insulting, offensive depiction of the prophet Mohammed.

A protest he joined against the cartoons that year became chaotic, causing extensive damage outside the Danish embassy in Beirut.

It resulted in his arrest and a jail term of three months.

When he returned to Australia, he had changed noticeably.

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  1. I take it as a rule now to introduce myself as a CHRISTIAN Lebanese… not just Lebanese…. which sadly have become a synonym for “retarded mustard who wants to kill everybody else.”

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