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Clue to the clueless. It has nothing to do with any fear of losing their beliefs, but that criticism of Islam is forbidden, especially by the non-Muslim, on pain of death. Criticism of Islam and its leaders translates to a  total rejection of the sharia, and therefore an anathema to the mohammedan. Shillary still doesn’t get it, still stuck on stupid. KGS

Clinton Suggests Islamic Governments Fear Debate

by IPT News • Dec 19, 2011 at 9:30 am
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hinted at Islamic fear of a religious debate at an international conference last week on religious freedom, according to Neil Munro of the Daily Caller. The effects of the first phase of the “Istanbul Process,” a multinational debate on balancing religious freedom and the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation’s [OIC] demand for an end to all criticism of Islam wrapped up behind doors without clear results.

“I mean, every one of us who is a religious person knows that there are some who may not support or approve of our religion. But is our religion so weak that statements of disapproval will cause us to lose our faiths?” Clinton asked in what Munro termed a “daring and novel” rebuke of Islamic governments. “And so there is no contradiction between having strong religious beliefs and having the freedom to exercise them and to speak about them and to even have good debates with others,” she added.

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  1. Maybe on the way to having to admit the there is no challenge to or debate in islam, the superior one, Hil had to bring this up. I hope somebody set her straight. At some point, even if it is in her last seconds, I hope she realizes how for unimportant fleeting political gain she sold out America, the Constitution, women, gays, free speech, children’s rights, and non-muslims–animals, even. I had the impression she wanted to leave her mark on history. Little did she know she would become a hand-maiden to the downfall of this country. In her travels, did she notice no islamic country respects her because she is a woman? Is this the legacy she wanted? History will remember.

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