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It’s within Islam’s DNA to suppress and oppress society, especially those who are deemed 2nd class citizens by koranic edict (sharia), the dhimma. The more a society is islamized, the more oppressive it becomes, and the sad thing is, that there isn’t one piece of evidence to refute that claim. KGS

Gaza Christians long for days before Hamas cancelled Christmas

Phoebe Greenwood in Gaza City

Friday 23 December 2011

Since the Palestinian Authority left the Gaza Strip, festive celebrations and displays of crucifixes have become taboo

When the Latin patriarch came to Gaza’s Holy Family church to celebrate Christmas mass last week, he instructed a full house of Catholic and Orthodox families to pray for reconciliation. As the archbishop, Fouad Twal, stood at the lectern in Gaza City, Fatah and Hamas leaders were meeting in Cairo attempting to mend differences that have divided the Palestinian factions for four years and rendered Gaza a besieged Islamist enclave.

Of the 1.5 million Palestinians now living in the Gaza Strip, fewer than 1,400 are Christian and those who can are leaving. The church hopes reconciliation will bring them back.

There hasn’t been a Christmas tree in Gaza City’s main square since Hamas pushed the Palestinian Authority out of Gaza in 2007 and Christmas is no longer a public holiday.

Imad Jelda is an Orthodox Christian who runs a youth training centre in Gaza City. With unemployment hovering at 23%, he has seen young Christian men leave to study and work abroad in their droves. “People here do not celebrate Christmas anymore because they are nervous,” Jelda said. “The youth in particular have a fear inside themselves.”

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