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This is why the Tundra Tabloids calls it the New York Slimes.

The media watchdog CAMERA scores another hit against the NYT, and while the TT was looking into the story, it found out that the NYT in fact changed the story to mirror CAMERA’s facts on the case of, Sarah Abu Sneineh,   one of the prisoners just released by Israel. Interestingly enough, the NYT added the correct information without informing the reader of their gross mistake.

Carl in J’lem informs that the correction appears at the very bottom of the NYT article.

Kudos to the folks at CAMERA for keeping the media’s feet to the fire. KGS

Ethan Bronner and Facts Too Good to Check

Leave it to the New York Times to simply take the word of any Palestinian who tells a tale of woe that puts Israel in a bad light; apparently such stories are simply too good to check. This time the occasion was the release of 550 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel, the second group of prisoners released as part of the deal freeing the abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Ethan Bronner’s report, Israel Frees Palestinians in 2nd Stage of Exchange, named only one of the Palestinian prisoners being released, Izzedine Abu Sneineh, who, readers are told, was arrested three years ago at the age of 15 for “throwing stones and hanging Palestinian flags from telephone poles.” Here is the full passage about the young miscreant:

 came with her family to greet her grandson Izzedine Abu Sneineh, who was arrested three years ago at age 15 for throwing stones and hanging Palestinian flags from telephone poles.

“He was just a schoolkid when he was arrested,” she said as she waited for him outside the tomb of Yasir Arafat. “We want him to go back to school. Only education is the way forward.”


So what do we learn from these lists? Az al-Din Shhada Akram Abu Snina, prisoner ID 855043360, was convicted and sentenced for “Weapons training; attempted murder” and possession of “weapons / ammo / explosives.”

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