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Brainwashing Norway part 1 Gender equality

Vlad is right, “the Norwegians have been bombarded by the soft totalitarianism of modern Leftism for decades”. It’s gives rise to the lunacy of the social sciences that is portrayed in this almost half hour video. The more free a person is to choose their own choices and lifestyles, the greater in differences between the sexes. The Norwegians academics interviewed looked liked dunces when pelted with the evidence of the other studies that took biology into consideration.

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  1. Haven’t watched the video yet, but I need to send you guys (one day hopefully) a picture of two advertising posters for Zara here in Montreal. The guy is suuuuuper “soft” with not ONE strand of facial hair showing. Seriously… I’ve seen girls with more facial hair than him. Anyway, he’s wearing a flashy red leather jacket, a girly jacket. I’ve seen the Biker leather jackets for example, and then there are girly jackets. The same kind that I wear (being a girl of course ^_^ ) The pants are very slim…. and he has this “look at me I’m fragile” pose. The girl on the other hand has short guy-ish messy hair. When I say short I don’t mean the trendy short haircuts we have, but a really manly cut. She is wearing a formal vest, I think a neck tie as well. She has a manly position, and looks like Ellen DeGeneres. There is no more obvious hint at gender reversing than this picture!!! Disgusting… utterly disgusting!!

  2. OH. MY. GOD. the crap they teach people!! There was a study done on chimpanzees, since they are the best idea we could have about how we could have been before society set boundaries and limits. Do you know what turned out? Both males and females were given sticks. The males took them and started playing rough games, breaking them, hitting each other… while the females took them and started treating them… wait for it…. LIKE BABIES!! Are they gonna say society and “toy stores” taught them to do that?? I was raised my whole life with 2 older brothers and a younger one. I wore baggy pants from my brothers most of my childhood, only played war games, sports, and guns instead of dolls. Seriously. I couldn’t have been raised in a more guy-ish way as a girl.. Now that I am older, I ADORE wearing dresses and skirts. Yes I love sports, I love science too, but I dress like a girl cause I love it, I am crazy about kids, I want to have kids, I spent my volunteering hours with children… I am going into pediatrics, and maybe this is silly, but I love to dress up my younger cousins! In my brother’s engineering class, there are only 2… TWO girls. Both of them look, walk, and act like guys. (Sorry, I don’t think all girls in engineering would look like that, but it is the truth, these two DO look like that!) Go into a psychology class, mostly girls. Go into a medicine class, half of both, but the further you go into sciences that don’t require human contact, such as chemistry, astrophysics, etc… the more you find only guys. The more you go into sciences like medicine which means you spend your life with other people, or like biology where there is animal contact, the more you find girls as well as guys. The more it goes into education, or nursing, or childhood services, the more you find only women. I guess as adults they can all make a choice and aren’t forced by anyone. It is just who they are.

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