However, the main thing socialist societies produce in abundance, are wankers like this:

The Marxist moron above can’t imagine a situation where the US would actually run out of a staple product due to free market place activity, so he can only talk of someone coming in and actually stealing the highly valued product from American fridges. Here’s an article that pretty much describes the current farce in Norway, which by the way, has effected the butter market here in Finland as well. KGS

Kelly McParland: How to completely mess up a market by letting a monopoly run it

[…] What is especially fun about Norway’s great butter disaster is the blame game that’s going on, between the people who want the butter (ie Norwegians) and Big Butter (i.e. the monopoly co-op that controls 90% of the butter supply).

This may sound inconsequential in the broad scheme of things, but it’s not. Because it reflects just how completely buggered up things get when you take a large government-supported bureaucracy and let them try to manipulate a large market for no other reason than that the bureaucracy thinks it can bring a better amount of good to more people than the market can.

In this case the bureaucracy is Tine, the butter co-operative that controls 90% of the market and ensures no butter gets into the country from any other butter producers by maintaining a tariff wall. Tine is supposed to ensure everyone can get some butter when they go to the supermarket, even if at an artificially inflated price. This year they didn’t do it, a fact they blame on the sudden popularity of a butter-heavy fad diet, and theweather. (Note: if you’re a giant monopoly and you want to blame your lousy performance on someone besides yourself, the weather is always a good bet.

The weather can’t argue back, and not even government monopolies claim to have the ability to control it).  Tine says the rainy summer affected cattle feed, which in turn impacted milk production. This would be a great argument a) if it had never rained before in Norway or b) if Tine could explain why no one noticed the rain or made appropriate provisions to allow for it.

More here.

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  1. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, you have too much time on your hands.

    But the whole clip is a joke, right? You are taking the micky out of self-indulgent people, who winge, moan, and squeal about not having everything they fancy, right?

    Because, Tommy, nobody could be such a dumb dilbert as to actually make a viideo clip with serious intent, that presents four excriciating minutes of self ridicule as you have so brilliantly done.

    So rest on your laurels, Tommy, while we all applaud your brilliant self deprecating parody of absolute stupidity.

  2. Methinks Tommy has been smoking too many funny cigarettes. It’s not just butter that is in short supply in Norway.

  3. I’m astonished that Global Warming is not the cause.

    It is well documented that Norwegian cows are particularly sensitive to man made Global Warming.

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