Anders Brievik's terrorist attack



This underlines the thesis that the Tundra Tabloids has been reporting ever since expert Forensic Psychiatrist Dr.Michael Welner gave his medical based opinions on it this past summer. Anders Breivik is not “insane” but suffers from an acute narcissistic personality disorder.

He was fully lucid before, during and after his horrible crime of murdering in cold blood 77 people.  KGS

NOTE: The initial rush to blame people such as Fjordman, and the rest of us who work against the islamization of our societies, was shameful, and will boomerang against our political foes.

Mama’s Boy and Mass Murderer

Experts Disagree on Psychological State of Norwegian Killer

In fact, Randi Rosenqvist, the most influential forensic psychiatrist in Norway, also has doubts. “As far as I’m concerned,” she says, “this diagnosis doesn’t follow from their arguments.”

For many years, the 60-year-old psychiatrist headed the forensic medicine commission that evaluates the quality of forensic expert opinions. Accordingly, her judgment carries weight in the field.

Rosenqvist’s doubts come from having noticed signs in Breivik that point toward a narcissistic personality disorder as the cause of his orgy of violence. If correct, this diagnosis would not necessarily make him incapable of being held responsible for his actions. She criticizes her fellow psychiatrists for having “failed to substantiate why other psychiatric disorders have been excluded” from consideration.


Clinical psychologist Svenn Torgensen also suspects that Breivik is actually suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder. To this he attributes Breivik’s delusions of grandeur and his belief that he was singled out to be a knight in a crusade against Islam.

Even the two psychiatric experts who wrote the official report gathered a series of signs that tend to speak for pathological narcissism. For example, when they asked Breivik what he thought the youths probably felt when he was shooting at them, the killer merely responded by discussing what the deeds meant for him. “On this day,” he said, “I was waging a one-man war against all the regimes of Western Europe. I felt traumatized every second that blood and brains were spurting out. War is hell.”

Torgensen gets the impression that Breivik found an ideal place to nourish his delusions of grandeur in the anti-Islamic scene full of crusader fantasies. “This was coupled with an extremely sadistic disorder,” Torgensen says. “This disastrous combination could explain the scale of his violence.”

What’s more, Torgensen believes that officials are trying to use a diagnosis of mental disease to make Breivik disappear as quietly as possible. One thing that leads him to believe this are rumors that a new wing is being built in the prison that will be dedicated to psychiatric detainees.

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  1. “the anti-Islamic scene full of crusader fantasies” HUH? Crusader fantasies? What the hell is that woman gabbling about? I’ve come across a few crusadery looking facebook avatars but there’s no scene full of crusader fantasies. Is that what she means? Since when does a tacky FB avatar constitute a delusion? If porky pig is my FB avatar does it follow that I have fantasies about not wearing pants in front of others?

    “This was coupled with an extremely sadistic disorder,” The article gives absolutely no indication of what the woman means by this. Sadism is currently officially recognized as a sexual dysfunction only and if this woman is a psychiatric proffessional she should know that. Though I personally agree with the school of thought that believes there is such a thing as sadistic persoanlity disorder which is a general need to dominate others without sexual satisfaction being dependent upon it.

    She clearly means Sadistic Personality Disorder rather than a dependance upon kinky sex but such a disorder is not currently recognized as existing.

    Having one mental difficulty will interfere with your development and cause you to develop other mental problems. It’s like if someone is bad at reading they will develop problems in other school subjects as well.

    The result is that he can be partially schizophrenic and his behavior can conform to a narcissist. His long rambling jornal that he calls a manifesto could be the manifesto of a self important narcissist or it could be the disconnected paranoid ramblings of someone on their way to schizophrenia (it seems to be that).

    Someone might seem narcissistic because their mental problem interferes with their ability to connect and thus develop empathy for others.

    Also his reaction could be from not being willing to face the pain from the guilt involved in thinking from the point of view of his victims. He avoids the subject by talking about himself – this is done by people in thereapy to avoid feared pain, not because they don’t care. They do it because they do care but are afraid of the feelings involved and don’t know how to handle them- so they start talking about something else.

    He may have naricsism and inability to connect as side result of living with other disorders.

    Narcissists need constant positive reactions. Brievic expected to be hated for his act.

    Narcissists constantly try to denegrate anyone who might be better than them in any way (but so do insecure failures). Brievik did this (but we all do it to a degree) but sometimes with such bizzare statements that it would only be the sort of thing a schizophrenic would say – like the comments in his “manifesto” about this mother and sisters promiscuity and that they had venerial diseases ( I recall marx said something similar about his aunt in Das Kapital- NOT). The intent could be seen as narcissistic but the content is the sort of thing you read in schizophrenics jornals.

    The fact is you can be a little from collumn A, which then causes you to be a little from column B.

    The contents of the “manifesto” indicate the main mental probem is schizophrenia (or rather a slow descent into it after living for years in a pre schizophrenic state) and other problems come form the frustrations of not being able to function in the world or socially while suffering from the pre schizophrenia (commonly known as Schizotypal Personality Disorder).

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