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Bulls*t story of the season.

Well then, they chose 57 ungrateful idiots who are not thankful for the Christian culture that affords them a wonderful society to be successful, and if they’re immigrants, to be attracted to enough to live there. There’s a big problem with all this psycho-babble from  many secular social psychologists (the ‘scientists’) who are at the forefront of crowding out the Christian culture.

The feeling of exclusion might be felt by some, but it’s not felt by all, there are other personal experiences at play here. Making a whole lot of noise because someone is offended by a tree is nonsense, grow up and be thankful of the society that has given you the opportunity that billions of other people have never had. KGS

Scrooge would agree with this excerpt:

“I don’t think it’s really going to undermine anyone’s experience of Christmas to tone it down.

“We’re not suggesting ‘no Christmas’ or ‘no Christmas displays at all,’ but in contexts where we really do value respecting and including diversity in terms of religion, the safest option is not to have these kinds of displays.

“I understand why it might feel threatening to people.

“But I think if people do care about making a whole range of different kinds of people feel included and respected, then we can make some small changes that would go a long way toward creating a more multicultural or inclusive society.”

It’s just another masked assault on the Christian culture by yet another social psychologist who believes that multiculturalism is the magic cure, when in fact it’s all bunk and highly offensive to the host culture.  KGS

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  1. Christians really should start playing the “offended card”.

  2. I think we should put up street signs saying Sharia Free Zone so they can feel properly excluded.

  3. “57 non-believers including Buddhists and Sikhs”
    So no Muslims then, or were they conveniently excluded from mentioning in this report?
    What next then, no displays of dragons during Chinese New Year in case non-Buddhist or non-Taoists feel excluded? If I felt excluded I’d stick dragon decorations in my own home. The Chinese have no problem with non-Chinese joining in their festivities.
    This is more absurd crap from the left. They can stick this research right where their heads are – up their own self-righteous arseholes!

  4. But I don’t value diversity, and I want the Muslims to feel excluded. From the news I’ve been reading, they feel too darned comfortable in our culture already. Put up more Christmas trees!

  5. As we’ve come to know in the West — and as the article reinforces — multiculturalism means accommodation of all other cultures but our own.

    The premise and proof for that “academic” study were about as scrawny as the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Also, and not surprisingly, comments were disabled for the Telegraph article. Wouldn’t want anyone to dispute a victimization narrative!

  6. Why not just remove all signs of Western civilisation, as it must be alien to, and offend Muslims, Buddhists and Sikhs.

    Or they can go back to where such signs do not exist at all. Unfortunately for them, almost all countries of the world are full of signs of Western civilisation – TV, mobile phones, cars, airplanes, medicine etc.

  7. What should be removed from universities are subjects so idiotic, that the research they think worth doing, and worse, being published, is trivial nonsense of the sort above.

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