I’m sure that the majority of Danes are not comforted by the news.

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Stateless criminals granted citizenship

Stateless individuals in Denmark are now receiving the citizenship they are entitled to, though the criminal backgrounds of some is a concern for national security, some argue

The opposition is calling for a revision to a UN convention requiring stateless individuals to be granted citizenship in their country of birth after the most recent naturalisation passed parliament, despite including a number of individuals who would probably not had their applications approved had they been through the normal application procedure.

The list of candidates for naturalisation is usually passed without much fuss in parliament. But out of the 1,700 on this December’s list are 36 who are known to have committed serious offences in Denmark and one who is considered a threat to national security by the domestic intelligence agency, PET.

These 36 individuals are some of the 460 stateless individuals residing in Denmark – mostly children of Palestinian refugees – and are entitled to Danish citizenship under the 1961UN Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness.

Despite this entitlement, the previous government refused to grant stateless individuals automatic citizenship. The practice was detailed this spring and culminated in Birthe Rønn Hornbech (Venstre) being forced to step down as immigration minister, after it was revealed that she instructed the Immigration Service not to abide by the convention.

At least 40 stateless individuals are thought to have had their justified citizenship request denied as a result. But while Denmark may now be granting stateless individuals their right to citizenship, some political parties disagree with a convention that allows candidates who ordinarily would be denied due to their criminal past avoid a lengthy vetting process.

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