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First wife ends husband’s dilemma with new wife

Published Saturday, December 17, 2011

Emirates24/7: An Emirati man who married again in Ras Al Khaimah found himself in an awkward position as he could not sleep with his new wife to avoid upsetting the first wife. When the new wife asked for divorce, the husband totally rejected her request on the grounds he loves her.

Admitting to her that he also loves his first wife and would not abandon her, the man found himself in a quagmire and had no choice to but to resort to the local social guidance and rehabilitation centre for a solution.

At the centre, he insisted that he would not divorce either wife but the second wife insisted that he either sleeps with her or they are separated.

“The centre then summoned the first wife, who found her husband crying helplessly as he could not know what to do since he does not want to upset both wives,” the Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum said.

“She quickly relented because she loves him…she told him he can keep his new wife and sleep with her any time he wants…she took that noble position because she did not want to wreck the family and was worried about his health.””

2 Responses

  1. The man is to be commended for using only emotional blackmail in negotiating his relationships with these women. Where he comes from, there would be many men who would not have shown such grace and control, and been able to resolve the matter so calmly.

    (Where I come from too, a lot of men couldn’t have managed so well. But where I come from, we recognise the equality of all before the law.)

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