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All Sexual Assaults involving Rape committed by Non-Westerners

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  1. Well, I don’t give a dam about the motive of such a deprived act. If such behaviour comes to my corner of the world, I will become a vigilante and for the sake of walking every day, why not do it with a stick or a club or baseball bat.

  2. Is this information widely known in Norway or other Scandinavian countries?

    How long has this been know?

    1. Hi Bob, This is a report that just came out, but in all honesty, and imho, it’s something that the Norewgian government has known for quite some time, this is the first official report that throws a light on the statistics.

  3. Quran 4:24 permits the rape of captured women this problem is not going to end and in future as the Muslim population increases you are going to have more rapes of kufar women.
    Norway should introduce castration as punishment for rape and deportation of the rapists to one of the 57 sharia compliant hell-holes. The Czech republic has castration in their statute books and Poland is considering chemical castration.
    Read about here: “….the Czech Republic is the only country in Europe to allow surgical castration for sex offenders, while Poland is expected to become the first country in the European Union to try to impose chemical castration….”

  4. Castrate them if they’re found. Problem: they can’t find them. Because they look so much alike? Because their fellow-Muslims hide them in their Muslim enclaves? The only solution, if the Norwegian govt. is serious about protecting their women, is to stop immigration of Muslims. But, they’re not serious.

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