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Good grief, and they wonder why the regime is feeling a bit restless nowadays? With all of the rowdy and obtrusive behavior by the member of the House of Saud, it’s no wonder.  KGS


TSN: We’re banning this kind of underwear because we’re in the business of sticking our noses everywhere..that’s odd.

Saudi bans ‘odd’ men’s underwear

Saudi Arabia has banned the sale of imported men’s underwear because of their odd shape and ordered dealers to return the shipments, a newspaper in the oil-rich Gulf country reported on Wednesday. The ministry of trade and industry said its inspectors seized newly-imported underwear in the market with “odd” shape and make in addition to plastic items used for the genitals, Sabq Arabic language daily said. “The ministry decided to ban these items and told dealers to return the shipments to their origin,” the paper said without elaborating on those items.

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  1. I guess they need the hole at the back, not the front…

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