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How typical.

Ted Ekeroth had an excellent piece published in the Swedish press yesterday, on the recent mea culpa by Richard Goldstone of the anti-Israel report that bears his name. As in Finland, the Swedish media had been lending extensive coverage of the Goldstone Report’s findings over the past year and a half, now one can only hear the sound of crickets chirping in light of Richard Goldstone’s admissions. KGS

NOTE: The TT publishes this op-ed with Ted Ekeroth’s permission.

Goldstone acknowledges errors

Skå many had hoped for an April’s Fool joke, Goldstone chose to do something else – he confessed in the Washington Post that the report he created was flawed, naive and unfair” writes Ted Ekeroth, member of the Sweden Democrats in Lund.

Richard Goldstone, who was appointed in April 2009 to lead the UNHRC’s, UN Human Rights Council, fact finding mission which came to be called “United Nations fact-finding investigation into the Gaza conflict”. This happened after the war between Israel and Hamas in late 2008 and early 2009, a conflict that is kept alive by Hamas and that in late 2008 intensified its rocket and mortar shelling of Israeli cities. From the beginning it was clear that this inquiry was not impartial and did not have the intention to honestly examine what happened. UNHRC is composed of a majority of representatives of countries that are dictatorships, and who are themselves systematically exposing its own population to oppression, violence and death.

The investigation now launched by the UNHRC had from the outset the explicit goal of proving “Israeli war crimes” while abuses by Hamas would be completely omitted.

As early as 9-12 January the UNHRC adopted a resolution which stated the need to examine “the grave violations of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, particularly due to the recent Israeli military attacks against the occupied Gaza Strip “. Article 13 mentions only Israel and that is also the case in paragraph 14 which states that it must examine all the “all violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law by the occupying Power, Israel, against the Palestinian people”. There is no mention of Hamas or their conscious tactic of using civilians as shields in their war against Israel. It also states in this resolution that Gaza remains “occupied” even though Israel left the Gaza Strip in 2005.

Not only that, the then president of the UNHRC limited the investigation to only focus on ‘abuses that occurred during the conflict, which lasted between 27 December 2008 to January 18, 2009″ which conveniently enough, omits the preceding seven years of rocket fire against Israeli cities and civilians. Tens of thousands of rockets were fired during the years before 27 Dec 2008, but no one wants to talk about that.

In connection with the conflict between Hamas and Israel, when Goldstone was appointed to lead that group and when the report was released in September 2009 the papers was swamped with articles of these “Israeli war crimes”. Israel was depicted, as usual, as the world’s worst rogue state, and they never reflected on the fact that Hamas knowingly and willingly used of hospitals, schools and other civilian institutions in their war against Israel. Here the journalists had a golden opportunity to propagandize against Israel and they did not miss their chance.

Then came April 1, 2011, and although many had hoped for an April Fool’s joke, Goldstone chose to do something else – he confessed in the Washington Post that the report he created was flawed, naive and unfair. In the article he says plainly, “if I had known then what I know today, had the report been different” and that its previous assertions that the Israeli defense forces “deliberately” attacked civilians was wrong. Goldstone notes that it is clear that Hamas gunfire was directed at civilians and that this is a war crime, but that it is now revealed that Israel did not deliberately attack civilians and that there never was such a policy.

Goldstone also complained that they did not have access to the material now available when they wrote their report, as it “probably would have affected our conclusions about the attack was intentional and if there were war crimes”.

While I’m writing this text, the only text printed in the newspapers about this rather amazing article by the man behind the report is the editorial section at SvD (Svenska Dagbladet). Only one small article has been seen among the normal articles, but for the most part it has been ignored. I’m not surprised. Demonizing Israel, to come up with half truths and outright lies are common for Swedish journalists. If Israel can be attacked and accused, they throw themselves into it without thinking. When the lies and propaganda are refuted much later they prefer not to talk about it at all.

What we can say is that Swedish journalists who like giving up newspaper space to the left-wing extremists who are defending Hamas and Hezbollah are only able to, after several days, come up with a small notice with a misleading title.

That this kind of disinformation campaign is effective, there is no doubt. The Israel-hate that flourish in Sweden and Europe is extensive and is largely based on this type of biased reporting that has for years been hammered into the Swedes’ consciousness. Ilmar Reepalu knows that it quickly transitions to pure Jews-hatred.

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