This is the first time that the TT has heard that the rebels have fighter planes. There were a couple of pilots who flew their crafts to Malta early on, but there wasn’t anything said about others. Looks like it isn’t close to being over, with both sides willing to fight to the very last man. KGS

Rebels claim to have destroyed two Gaddafi warships

DeutchPress: Cairo – Anti-government activists said Tuesday that rebels commanding fighter jets have destroyed two of Moamer Gaddafi’s warships off the northeast coast of Ajdabiya.

The opposition also claimed to have hit a third naval ship in the air attack, according to opposition website Libya al-Youm.

A number of army generals and soldiers, particularly in the Libyan Air Force, have defected to join the rebels and have an arsenal of weapons and fighter jets at their disposal.

The alleged attack comes as Gaddafi’s forces continue to battle for control of Ajdabiya and the nearby city of Brega in order to advance on to the opposition stronghold of Benghazi.


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  1. I do not think that they would be crying for a “no fly zone” if this were the case.

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