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  1. […] Quote: Originally Posted by pbel Quote: Originally Posted by Sally Quote: Originally Posted by pbel Noble savage.. your illiteracy and libel is the cause of war…Palestinians are the most educated Arabs on the peninsula….Abbas has a PhD along with thousands of others… Really, Pbel, I think by now the readers realize you are not interested in the Arabs as a whole so of course you are not interested even in the Arabs killing each other. Can you tell us how people are nobel when they send in people as suicide bombers and then treat these suicide bombers as celebrities? Did you know what Abbas thesis is, Pbel? I believe is was denial of the Holocaust. Lying again…. Mahmoud Abbas – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Main article: The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism The Connection between the Nazis and the Leaders of the Zionist Movement 1933 – 1945 is the title of Mahmoud Abbas' CandSc thesis, completed in 1982 at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, and defended at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. In 1984 it was published as a book in Arabic titled "The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism" (Arabic: al-Wajh al-Akhar: al-'Alaqat as-Sirriya bayna an-Naziya wa's-Sihyuniya). The dissertation and book discussed topics such as the Haavara Agreement, by which the Third Reich agreed with the Jewish Agency to facilitate Jewish emigration to Palestine, in conjunction with the UK and was never a secret at all.[12][62] Some content of his thesis has been considered as Holocaust denial by critics, especially the parts disputing the accepted number of deaths in the Holocaust as well as the accusations that Zionist agitation was the cause of the Holocaust[63] a charge that he denies.[64] However, in 2013 he reasserted the veracity of the contents of his thesis, that "the Zionist movement had ties with the Nazis".[65][66] Through Secret Channels (1995) Memoirs of the Oslo agreement Perhaps, Pbel, you should have your good friend Abbas take a look at Edwin Black and what he has to say. EDWIN BLACK ON C-SPAN: THE FARHUD: THE ROOTS OF THE ARAB-NAZI ALLIANCE DURING WWII??. | […]

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