REPUBLISHED at the behest of the TT’s buddy Vlad. It’s so on target that words fail. KGS

A regular reader and commenter on Vlad, was kind enough to send us two pictures. If one tells a thousand words, then two tells a million. The first one, you may have seen a few posts back:

If you look at #8 for men, and #3 for women, you may suspect that the frequently made claims that Israel is starving the Palestinians is not in accordance with the facts.

Below, a food market in Gaza:

However, there is a group on Earth that is being deliberately starved and right to death in large numbers. They are being taken as sexual and hard labour slaves. They are being treated as badly as any group on earth has been treated shy of with modern deliberate mass methods of torture and extermination. But historically, this typically is as bad is it can get just shy of genocide and frankly, one might make the case that this is genocide.

Indeed, the lies about Israel and its alleged treatment of its neighbours, when the reverse is more the case. That Muslims who sell property to Jews in Judea and Sumeria are often killed, sometimes by their own families, while Muslim Arabs live as full Israeli citizens with greater rights in some ways than the Jewish population. I believe that an Arab Muslim has the right not to serve in the Israeli military for example, while non-orthodox-Jews do not.


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