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The Tundra Tabloids posted last year about the 99, the Islamic comic book super heroes who find their strength from verses in the Koran. The TT said back then:
“They should actually be deemed as arch-enemies of the Marvel Comics Heroes and have the living stuffing kicked out of them. But no, the Western comic maker,DC, is going to do a deal with them, by allowing them to join forces with the Justice League.”
Now, thanks to (as Marc Levin calls him) the “human wrecking ball”, Barack Obama, who champions such moves by Muslims to influence the non-Muslim world, the Islamic dawa comic book “heroes” are expanding their reach into the US cable network market. 

Well, what would people think about Communist or Nazi super heroes who summon their strength from quoting genocidal comments from Marx and Hitler. How about that? Yeah, the only reason why the Muslims and their ideology are treated with kid gloves, is only due to their numbers. Strip that away and people would treat in an entirely different way. KGS

Comic book goes up, up and away on US airwaves

A group of Islamic superheroes will move their battle against the baddies from comic books to a US cable network this year, its Kuwaiti creator says.
The 99, based on a group of ordinary people who discover superhuman powers and are influenced by messages from the Quran, will air a 26-episode series on the US cable channel The Hub, said Naif al Mutawa, the chairman and chief executive of Teshkeel Media.
“From day one it’s a for-profit company, but it’s a double bottom-line business,” Mr al Mutawa said. “It’s to benefit both the social bottom line as well as the financial.”
The 99 TV show is produced through a joint venture between Teshkeel and Endemol, the Dutch production company known for its series of reality television programs such as Big Brother and Deal or No Deal.
The Hub is a new cable network, a joint venture between Discovery Channel and the toy maker Hasbro, which will start broadcasting on October 10 into 60 million US homes. The 99 is one of six original programmes on the network.

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