Kristin Halvorsen: Oh please do judge me
by the people I surround myself with

Every time the Tundra Tabloids hears something about the organizations and people this far-left wanker of a Finance Minister involves herself with, the more the TT loathes her. She’s an anti-Israel hack politician who parades with people shouting death to the Jews, and once headed an ultra-leftist “civil rights” group that’s supposedly only about wanting to end racism.
Well the far-left has taken up the battle to end racism as means to divide and rule for over 5 decades already, with them being no where near their goal of “ending racism”, because ending racism isn’t their goal, it’s all about destroying existing societal structures and the ending of capitalism. One must demonize the existing order, and what better way to do that than to label it as being inherently racist.
That’s pedigree of people like Norwegian Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen (Socialist Left Party), and the people who make up its ranks, and how “anti-racism” organizations like SOS Rasisme, cover for the actions of their fellow hard commie members. The blog, Norway, Israel and the Jews has a fresh report about the Dagbladet’s investigative journalist who has begun to dig into the SOS Rasisme organization and has discovered some very unsavory things.
The group has splintered over the years with some leaving on reasons that the other members who hail from the AKP (the Workers Communist Party) were nothing more than stooges for the Right, for not being Maoist enough (yeah, you read that right) of which Kjell Gunnar Larsen, is treasurer for SOS and an AKP member. Larsen denies any knowledge of the incident the Dagbladet and the NIJ blg reports on, of course he doesn’t, it wouldn’t look good if members of an “anti-racist” group are going around smashing in the teeth of guest working immigrants and the elderly, now would it?´

NOTE: The Maoist inflitrated SOS Rasisme is heavily funded by the Norwegian government in which Finance Minister, Kristin Halvorsen, currently is serving.

UPDATE: A commenter states: “As of 2009, Kristin Halvorsen is no longer Finance Minister, but Minister of Education and Research. Though she was involved in the founding of SOS Rasisme in 1985, there is no indication she been associated with the organisation since it was taken over by “Tjen Folket”.  That Halvorsen is deeply prejudiced against Israel, however, is indisputable.”

Kjell Gunnar Larsen:
Violent racists within our SOS anti-racist movement?
I deny your reality an substitute it with my own. 
Thanks to some investigative journalism from mainstream newspapers we are now learning more about the maoist group. Dagbladet today reports on the violent past of a leader in the anti-racist movement SOS rasisme. The man, who is in his thirties, is also a member of the revolutionary maoist group Tjen Folket (Serve the people), which newspapers report has infiltrated and controls SOS rasisme.
Dagbladet writes that in 2007, the maoist became furious after being asked to leave the pub Tors Hammer, where he was harassing a woman. Filled with revolutionary anger the bold maoist seized a glass bottle and thrust it into the mouth of a Polish guest-worker, smashing seven of his teeth. Yet this was not the first time the maoist had demonstrated his capacity for reckless violence.

Read the rest here at the NIJ

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