Thanks to Vlad for putting up this vid, he told the Tundra Tabloids earlier that he was working on something, so now here it is! KGS 

Sikh and ye shall find

VLAD: The fact is, for all of liberal democracy until the birth of political correctness as a political force within free nations it was always understood that making one choice logically precluded certain other choices. It was also understood what freedom of religion actually meant.
It meant that a person was free to practice their religion without fear of the state pounding on their doors and burning them at the stake for calling their gods by other names or denominations.
It never meant that they could break the secular laws of the state under the flimsy excuse that their religion mandates it. In fact, it should be considered a fantastic thing by most people merely that they have the choice to make the choice.
Under Mulroney, Canada made a catastrophic mistake. I said so then, and maintain it now.
We allowed a man who chose to be a Sikh, to wear his turban with the official uniform of the RCMP
Clearly Mulroney, as much as I liked him then as now, did not get the big picture.
That Sikh had the choice in Canada of being a Sikh without fear from the state or the Muslims next door. He had the choice of joining the RCMP and not being refused because he was a Sikh. But in no way should he have not had to make the choice between the uniform and the Turban.

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