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  1. You guys! I swan…

    Dave Barry has a long essay on "guys" (vs. boring men). You know, the ones who like to…oh, perhaps, blow things up just to watch 'em burn.

    There's a little bit of 'guy' in nearly every man (except maybe Obama & Cronies).

    The best part: the takeoff on the "Bayers" logo, at the end. It really adds a je ne sais quoi…

  2. I wouldn't call them arselifters if they didn't lift their arses to allah.

    But its good to see there's some relief at hand!

  3. If you make the suppository dark in colour then the customer coould, perhaps before insertion, rub it on his forehead to simulate the characteristic bruise caused by prolonged prostration of the faithful. Instant Islamic one-upmanship.

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