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White mother, what white mother?

Thanks to ZIP for the picture.

We all know that Obama identifies with his minority credentials, except when he was campaigning for office the of US president, (his white mother’s picture was splattered all over the campaign ads) but no matter what or with whom you identify with, it doesn’t allow you to lie on a government form. Obama did just that.

“During the presidential campaign in West Virginia, I thought Barack Obama’s mother was running for president. They kept showing photographs of his white mother, you never got to see his father, just the white mother. We were bombarded with millions of dollars in those ads.
Now, I did a little research on the census and the federal statutes that are related to the census, and I found title 13 Section 221, and it says among other things: “persons who knowingly provide false information to the census can be fined up to $500 dollars.
Now Barack Obama is half white and half black, that’s something to be proud of, not to be ashamed of, and yet depending on the campaign, depending on the state, depending on where he is, he’s kind of a chameleon. So here we have this federal law that imposes a fine of up to $500 dollars for false information and his information is false. There’s a reason why the census wants to know if you’re mixed. Now we’re told that we have to fill out this census, we’re told it’s our civic duty.
It seems to me if our civic duty is to fill out the census, and it’s our civic duty to fill it out correctly, so Obama did not fill it out accurately, so the way I see it, he owes us $500 bucks. I’m sorry, am I being technical? If you were messing around with the census, they’d be knocking on your door.”

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  1. Interesting. My census form came with a sheet of paper (I hope I kept it) stating that any information I provided was not discoverable, not reportable to law enforcement, and not admissible in court. Do I sense a contradiction? How is the %500 fine enforceable if that paper told the truth?

    I put my race as "American." Maybe next time I'll put "Subject," "Serf," "Self," "Slave," or "Throwback."

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