It’s a socialist La La land for those who support big government bureaucracies, life couldn’t get any better! It’s a worrisome trend however, that can’t sustain itself, like all government bureaucracies everywhere, it exists solely to serve itself, bloating its ranks with yet more people who do not produce anything of value.
That’s why socialists seeks to nationalize much of the economy, being able to swell the ranks of the many different “sectors” under its control is an inviting scheme, but it carries the seeds to its own destruction, because it can’t exist indefinitely, somewhere someone has to produce the necessary wealth to prop up all these entitlement projects.
You can see the same worrisome trend in the United States under the Obama administration, which denies that it’s health care plan is a government (socialist) takeover of the health care system, while at the same time it swells the ranks of its bureaucracy and then claims that the economy is growing. One day the house of cards will come crashing down, but on future generations if the socialist trend isn’t reversed.
Here in Finland however, where there isn’t a clear Left and Right, everyone seeks to safeguard health care, while it sucks the life out of the economy. KGS

Think-Tank Projects Job Growth for Health Sector

A new employment trend study by the Government Institute for Economic Research (VATT) suggests that the social welfare and healthcare sectors will be a boon for workers while heavy industry jobs will continue to disappear.
The most positive news is in healthcare, where experts predict that 120,000 new jobs will be created to care for the elderly by the year 2025. Some 35,000 more people will be needed in this field already over the next four years.
According to the institute, Finland’s ageing population will soon affect the economy, as the working age population declines.
Researchers say the structure of the Finnish economy will change in the future. For example, imports are expected to outpace exports.

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