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Tundra Tabloid colleague TINSC comments to a post about a possible inside fued within the Hamas heirarchy that led to the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. KGS


I would make the following points further to my February 2 dispatch on this subject. (Journalists wishing to use these points can attribute them to me as quotes.)
* There seems a very real possibility that Israel is being set up. Airlines keep detailed passenger records these days and anyone could have got the flight manifestos of British and other passport holders who have flown to Israel in the past and then used these names in a deliberate attempt to point the finger of blame at Israel.
* The Dubai authorities have provided no forensic evidence that points to Israel, only a series of photos and videos of random hotel guests who may or may not all know each other. In any event, the persons shown in these photos and videos are not shown committing any crime. It would be very easy to frame Israel, using the identities of six randomly-chosen Israelis based on flight manifestos. This could have been done by anyone – and especially by persons who wanted to avoid being suspected of this action by blaming the Israelis and diverting attention from the real perpetrators.
Ya know… the speed and ferocity in which the UK news media attacked Israel suggests that Tom Gross might be on to something here.

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