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Dubai Chief of Police Lieutenant Colonel Dahi Khalfan Tamim: Don’t ask why we allowed a bonified terrorist and murderer to live freely within the borders of our modern Muslim state. But we will get serious with those who kill our terrorist guests, that’s unforgivable. Besides, only a Muslim can kill a Muslim.
What do you think of a country that gets all uppity over a wanted terrorist getting offed, immediately blames “da Joooos” for it, and issues an arrest warrant for the Israeli head of state? Let the Tundra Tabloids remind its dear readers that this is the same country, (to which the rich and famous pay homage) that allows the members of its ruling family who commit heinous acts of torture… to walk scott free!


(ANSAmed) – DUBAI, FEBRUARY 4 – Of the seven possible assassins of the Hamas member killed in Dubai, the four identified so far- including a woman – have Irish passports, reports Khaleej Times. Dubai police and Interpol are already coordinating efforts to extradite the suspects from Ireland, noted an unspecified police source to the daily.

Dubai may seek Bibi’s arrest over Hamas man’s assassination

Dubai to issue arrest warrant for Netanyahu should it turn out that Mossad killed al-Mabhouh, senior official says
Dubai will be issuing an arrest warrant against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should it turn out that the Mossad was behind a recent assassination of a senior Hamas man in the Emirates, a police official said Thursday.
The senior official told the al-Jazeera network that Dubai will seek to arrest PM Netanyahu “because of the fact that he was the one to approve the execution of the crime in the United Arab Emirates.”
Senior Hamas member Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was murdered in a Dubai hotel on January 20th. However, Hamas only publicized the assassination nine days later.
On Monday, Hamas’ Muhammad Nazal charged that al-Mabhouh was attacked by Mossad agents who ambushed him in his hotel room.
“When he arrived, they surprised him,” Nazal said.

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