Now wait for these scholars to claim that they have a right for Israeli citizenship. KGS

Pakistan: Scholar confirms link between Israelites and Pashtuns

Islamabad, 24 Feb. (AKI) – Pashtun tribes in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India have Jewish ancestry and converted to Islam in the 7th century AD when their leader, Imarul Qais, met the Prophet Mohammed in Saudi Arabia, a top Pashto scholar has told Adnkronos International (AKI).
“The Prophet Mohammed addressed Qais and his tribesmen and said that you belong to Malik Talut’s race. Thereafter he called him Malik (King),” said Abaseen Yousufzai, who heads the Pashto department of Islamia College in the northwestern city of Peshawar.
Yousufzai was referring to King Talut, the biblical King Saul, the first king of the Israelites.
His comments came amid a lively international debate on whether the Pashtun may have descended from some of the ‘lost tribes’ of Israel and a joint Indian-Israeli genetics research project which was established to investigate this.

Comment: Flippenheck: “One has to realise that this is a typical example of trying to whitewash Jihadi fanaticism by retracing the Pathans’ (Pashtuns) origins back to Israel. Despicable really! A while ago, I read something about this very subject: Taliban being allegedly Jewish.
Aamof, the Taliban are ethnically speaking an Eastern-Iranian people, related to Persians, Kurds, Baluchi and Tajiks as the major groups. (Iranian peoples in general)
[…] Needless to say, both of these claims are false. Iranian peoples are genetically neither Arab nor Jewish. This oral tradition maintained by Pashtuns is a load of claptrap, and is solely confined to ‘popular myth’ spread by word of mouth only.”

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