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This is definately not a shock, not even close, because similar displays of such grotesque immorality are common throughout the Middle East wherever Islam is being actively implemented. They could care less for human life, so, using children as mules for weapons, planting bombs or even as human shields is of little concern for them. Hamas and Hezbollah have been prime examples of such disgusting behavior for decades preceeding the rise of the international jihad. KGS

Taliban make children plant IEDs to thwart Army snipers

Boys as young as 12 are being used by the Taliban to plant bombs designed to kill and maim British troops in Afghanistan.
Army commanders say insurgents are forcing children to lay improvised explosive devices (IEDs) because they know they will not be shot by British snipers.
Senior military sources say the children’s parents and families are likely to have been threatened by the Taliban to allow their sons to carry out the dangerous task.
Details of the new tactic were revealed last night in Sangin, Helmand Province, where soldiers of the 3 Rifles Battle Group have been fighting the Taliban for the past four months.

Troops say they have seen insurgents sending out boys to lay IEDs, sometimes only 150 yards from British positions.

A senior Army source said: ‘The Taliban know that if they get caught in the sights of our snipers, they don’t last long, so they have resorted to hiding behind compound walls and directing children to plant bombs for them.
‘Lots of home-made IEDs detonate before they have even been laid, but the Taliban don’t seem to care whether a child gets killed or maimed. Some boys are as young as 12.’

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NOTE: When the Taliban isn’t raping these young boys, they’re sending them off as cannon fodder.

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