NOTE: The famous anti-Islamization pundit, Pat Condel, is indeed a welcome voice on all issues pertaining to the cause of protecting freedom and democracy in the West, from the encroachment of Islamization, enabled by the morally corrupt political elite steeped in the PC culture.
That said, the speaker got it wrong a few years ago concerning Israel’s own fight against the same threat of Islamization on its own turf, with his call in an older video for J’lem to be given over to the Muslims. It reflected his gross ignorance of the issues surrounding Israel’s undivided Jewish capital.
The Tundra Tabloids hopes that one day, Mr.Condell will readdress that glaring mistake of his, and realize that, Israel has every legal and moral right to its own capital, and to deny that, is like saying London has always been an Irish town. KGS

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