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Finland’s state TV YLE2 program, Ajankohtainen Kakkonen, was contacted by a Finnish woman who has been a victim of Muslim honor related violence. She contacted the program on the same day the Espoo massacre took place, when a Kosovo refugee living in Finland slit the throat of his former girlfriend from ear to ear, then went to the Sello shopping mall and shot the four Finns who had been protecting her.
This was the first time Islamic honor related violence and murder was reported on in such a way in the Finnish media. The state run television program, Ajankohtainen Kakkonen, took care though, in trying to address the issue as not being Koran or Islam related. The joint Tundra Tabloids and Vlad Tepes production edited a couple of minutes from the program that was pure PC propaganda, and replaced it with texts from the Koran and Hadiths that support violence against women for unislamic behavior. KGS
Aired on Finnish TV2 Tuesday 12.01.10

HERE is the paragraph from the letter shown in the video: 

“The Espoo execution was clearly a honor murder. I am in the same same situation. I have tried to make the cause of women to be heard, even all the way to parliament. The deed cannot be explained without the knowledge of Islamic culture and the mentality. I have been in contact with the Ministery of the Intererior about the topic just days before the Espoo shooting.
I have been in interaction with the Kosovo people for years during my time in Germany. As in Islamic culture generally, in a male dominated culture, a man sees himself through another man’s eyes. Respect comes from other men, women have no value. A woman’s right for self determination comes to an end even for Finns, after the family is established.”

Unidentified female who contacted the program. The original program can be viewed here for the next 30 days.


Part II

In this UN video on honor murders in Turkey, at the 3:25 mark, a man says: “it’s halal to kill a women for adultry, she should be stoned for 24 hrs in a public place, and after that, if they’re still alive then they will be allowed to live. This is called rejem in the Koran.”

How anyone could state that the Koran and sharia law has nothing to do with honor killings is beyond me, they are either truly ignorant, or willfully lying through their teeth. KGS

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