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The Tundra Tabloids received the following from a long time Tundra Tabloids reader and commentor, Stefan, to a post published yesterday at the TT concerning Alan Dershowitz’s article on the Goldstone Report. KGS

Alan Dershowitz brilliance

Dear KGS,

Many thanks for the posting of the Alan Dershowitz document on the Goldstone Report. Generally I consider Alan Dershowitz writing as precision ammunition at its finest. In his presentation concerning the Goldstone Report he, however, produces an effect better characterized as the effect of a nuclear weapon. He simply thrashes the paper to microns and sends the Goldstone Report to compete with literary products such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and a like.
The introduction of the Mission members is hilarious. The only member of the Mission that can be somehow excused from responsibility concerning the Report is the Pakistani Hina Jilani. Considering the inbred, genetic Moslem anti-Semitism, nothing else could be rightfully expected from her. The two European members of the mission obviously reflect more a Pavlovian type of anti-Semitic phenotype required from their UN host and the general lynch mood of their respective countries. What about Goldstone himself? He will obviously go down in history as one more of the Quislings of his people.
Alan Dershowitz goes through the material meticulously and, so characteristic to him, zooms brilliantly in at the critical aspects of the Report. He does not leave the slightest leeway of doubt that the report is a gross falsification of the facts and in essence a premeditated Arab (UN) narrative attack on Israel. Somehow there was no call for a fact finding mission when Hamas launched 8000 rockets to Israel exclusively targeting civilian population and infrastructure. It is utterly absurd that the Israeli response to this rocketing is even an issue.
Did the UN or the human rights organizations really want to avoid the Operation Cast Lead they should have done their utmost to stop the rocketing. Questioning and moralizing now the inevitable outcome is utterly hypocritical. Did they do anything? They did absolutely nothing leading one to think, with much more factual basis than used in the Goldstone Report, that the Palestinians were actually purposely used by them as cannon food just to enable an attack against Israel and its right to exist.
Alan Dershowitz has once again showed that he is a beacon of light in the ever more pathetic western world guided by organizations like the UN and the so called human rights organizations that are progressively sliding into outright racism. And who are the victims? Surprise, surprise! Naturally it is the Jews. Do one misuse of the term anti-Semitism again? There is a catch 22 situation here. If you don’t call it anti-Semitism, it renders anti-Sermitism legitimate. If you do call it anti-Semitism, it will be loudly belittled in order to move the border gradually towards outright National Socialism.
Deeply in depth to Alan Dershowitz (and you too, KGS)!

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