Quite a despicable site you have here, so hate-filled, so racist. And I don’t mean any of that as a compliment. But you’re still short of masada2000.org Really quite sad and pathetic… And I’m not even a fan of Obama. The US is a rogue state and so is Israel. War criminals! And then there are those good people who are on Masada’s SHIT list and I think the list is getting longer. More and more Jews are saying Israel does not represent us – NOT in OUR names! Guess I’m the one lucky Canuck visiting your site right now…. so love and hugs from the blizzard.”
The shock of it all that the lone northern troll lays one smelly load after another, without ever bothering to show “exactly where” the TT is guilty of what he or she states. They never do. Drive-by trolling doesn’t take a scintilla of brains to carry out, which means by default, they’re never interested in any meaningful dialogue….that’s why they’re called trolls.
Shout waycist, waycist, and split the scene. Oh well, it give the TT’s readers something to read, and since the TT trusts its regular readers, its not worried that the loon’s message will carry any weight with them, they’ll spot it for what it is. OBTW, The troll was responding to the post the TT published concerning Mahmoud Abbas, the fake president of the defunct PA, which reported on the amount of corruption possibly leading to a Hamas take over of the PA.
Of course the troll would not have anything to say of the vast amount of corruption that passes for normal in the PA, and that it might lead to the genocidal Islamic supremacists, Hamas’ take over of area of Judea and Samaria. Just thought I’d pass that along to everyone. Oh and the troll claims to be a Jew, yeah…..and all we have is his/her word on that.  KGS

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