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The Tundra Tabloids received the following hat-tip from fellow Finnish blogger, Vasarahammer, about Finnish state news YLE practicing self-censorship yesterday, after it published the following news report, then pulled it after only three hours.
All this is coming on the heels of a Finnish YLE TV program’s (Ajankohtainen Kakkonen) airing of a report about Finnish women encountering Islamic honor related violence from Muslim immigrant males and their families. The Tundra Tabloids talked with one journalist responsible for the A-K program, who said she never read the Koran, and refrained from linking the issue of Islam and the Koran  with honor violence, out of fear it would lead to ………racism.

Here is the screen shot of the article removed, that was reprinted on this blog, and translated into English by the Tundra Tabloids here:

Honor Violence Already Threatens Finns
More and more Finns confront honor-related violence in their lives.
Among immigrants honor violence has occurred in Finland for many years.
Finns, like immigrants, are applying for assistance in honor related violence, in places like multi-cultural centers for women, because the Finnish authorities did not recognize the honor violence and do not understand how serious may be the case.
A Finnish woman told of her experiences in YLE’s TV2 Ajankohtainen Kakkonen program this week.
A woman encountered honor related violence from a religious man of foreign background.
She said that her marriage was hell, but no one believed her.
– I am afraid of my husband, his brother and the whole family. I have received threats of child abduction and the man has repeatedly threatened to kill me. The man has said that none of them can do nothing – that the horrors will happen, that he doesn’t have to do it himself
– the avenger can be found from his own tribe, the woman says.
A man who believes in honor violence and his entire family think that a woman’s chastity is in a man’s control.
The woman is the man’s property and thus can assault the woman however he pleases, if the woman refuses to obey the rules.
Honor violence has been increasing in recent years in Finland, when unmarried young women immigrants from a foreign culture struggle under the pressure.
They may be forced to marry and be prohibited from socializing with Finns.
Finns in immigrants’ shelter
Multi-cultural partnerships in the main population have had encountered honor-related violence in the manner of the women in the Ajankohtainen Kakkonen program.
Project-Monika Nasima Razmyar of the Monika-Women’s union (Monika-Naiset liitos) says that in their safe houses, Finnish women have had fled honor violence.
In addition, the Finns seek other assistance from the Monika-house meant for multi-cultural females.
– For example, a woman’s mother or another family member or friend may call who is worried about her.
They want to know about certain cultures, and if someone’s behavior normal, Razmyar says.
The authorities have limited information
With the exception of immigrant workers, the Finnish authorities’ knowledge on honor violence is weak.
The Eastern Police District director, Chief Inspector Veli Hukkanen from the Helsinki Police Department, says that the Finnish authorities’ attitude towards honor related violence as it would for normal Finnish intimate partner related violence.
Hukkanen calls for the training of state authorities.
– Authorities, are not able to immediately identify and offer guided assistance.
We’re currently unable to secure and protect the lives of people in the way that the authorities should do, Hukkanen says.
This shows how unprepared the Finnish authorities are in regards to the issue of Islamic inspired honor viloence, as well as the knee-jerk reaction of the media in helping to stifle info out of fear of spreading racism. If you can’t address the issue, you’ll never get to the root problem. Islam

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  1. The more that Islam spreads to other cultures, the more that things like this come to light.

    Naturally, not ALL Muslims are like this. However, a much larger percentage of the Islamic population is like this as compared to other cultures because of the inequality and repression that is present within the Islamic culture.

  2. Joe, eloquently put. That's the point, Islam is not "just another religion" that can be compared with Christianity and Judaism etc..

    The vigilantism embedded in the culture that Islam inspires, offers the needed intimidation to both Muslim and non-muslim alike to overt confrontation.

  3. What does Finland think they will gain by hiding news like this? They certainly won't save the women… they must be crazy not to report this and defend these women. I will never visit Finland.

  4. Goodby Finland, you have lost your contry and all that you hold dear. Your contry is in the same position as Lebanon was in the 1950's. That of course makes your lost irreverible.

  5. They are digging their own graves with this shit, the more of them that come to Europe and threaten European culture rather than co exist with it. Eventually the straw will break and there will be backlash, another “Crusade” type thing, not necessarily Religious, but cultural that will see native Europeans who are proud of their progressive culture raise arms against Muslims in Europe who are functioning in reverse with their anti human rights laws. The EU will eventually collapse and this politically correct shit going around Europe will cease to exist, normal civilians will not be able to be silenced anymore.

    If you want to live in Europe you must abide by European laws and Cultural Customs, just like if a European goes to Arab countries and they must abide by it, and women must wear head scarves.

    The french are right with their no Burka rule, if Western women in Saudi Arabia must wear a head scarf, then anyone that visits Europe must not wear a head scarf, if you don’t like it go back to where you came from, oh wait you cant cos it sucks there that’s why you come here.

    The french were worried that the public might go and de-scarfe the rich Arabs women shopping in such places as Armani, so what why must the rich be treated any different to the poor, if they want to go to France they know the law.

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