Iran’s Press TV, fake and never accurate
NOTE: [Iran’s Press TV is the same organization that spread the blood libel about 25 000 Ukrainian children having their organs harvested by the Israeli military.

In a PressTV documentary, Neda is portrayed as a foreign agent who became the victim of a plot orchestrated by foreigners and opposition supporters. Here is the Iranian doctor who treated Neda Agha Soltan:
“government’s accusation that I killed Neda after she faked her own death – a shameless and worthless attempt to shift blame away from security forces” – In an exclusive interview with RFE/RL (Radio Free EuropeRadio Liberty) Dr. Arash Hejazi said Neda’s death has become a thorn in the side of the Iranian regime, which “has been doing everything it can to distance itself from the incident and throw responsibility on others”.
Tehran’s latest claim is that the video of Neda’s dying moments on a Tehran street depicts her pouring blood on her own face from a concealed bottle she was carrying. In a documentary produced by state-run TV, a narrator alleges that Neda was not shot by security forces. Rather, it claims she was shot by Hejazi and her music teacher in a car that was taking her to the hospital.

According to Hejazi, he wasn’t even in the car. “First, they claimed that she was alive. Then they said the footage was fake. Then one day, they said a BBC reporter killed Neda. Then, they said it was the CIA…The latest claim is this documentary,” he said.
The program portrays Neda as a foreign agent who became the victim of a plot orchestrated by foreigners and opposition supporters.”

The state of Iran murdered this Christian woman

The vile nature of the Iranian state knows no bounds. KGS

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