Now it’s time to turn some attention to the occasional commentor who just can’t take the Tundra Tabloids’ reporting on the news. Remember folks, when the facts cause a meltdown, there is nothing more they can do than to hurl the well worn epitaph of “racist” at you.

The commentor Kevin writes: “Hello, racists. Your whole site is extremely offensive and I do pray that your mental sickness dissipates one day. In the mean time, I would simply ask how you would feel if people posted pornographic images of Jesus and Mary in front of your house? Would that also be a “non-issue”?

This of course has nothing to do with racism or pornographic pictures of religious figures being displayed in public, and the commentor Kevin knows that. This has everything to do with Kevin’s rejection of Islam being treated equally like all other religions and ideologies, that’s what has got his shorts all tied up into a very tight knot.
There has never been one item posted at the Tundra Tabloids that ever came close to racism, and those that make that charge have to either put up, or shut up. Also, if there is any mental sickness here, it is the mental sickness called “Islam”, which has badly effected hundreds of millions of people throughout the ages. KGS


Kumitonttu! Is that picture in the link above what Kevin’s asking for? Unlike Kevin seems to believe, there are A LOT of pornographic pictures and images about Jesus and Mary and all possible characters from the Bible. And even the conservatice bloggers keep posting them – as in the link above.

What is wrong with people like Kevin? I mean, whereas Tundratabloid stands for freedom of speech, from where do these Kevins pop in? Without blogs like this, people like Kevin were shut up, often permanently, by the members of the cult Kevin now supports, that is islam.

Anneli: “Do you remember “Ecce Homo” in Sweden which ppresented Da Vincis “Eucharist” as an homusexual orgy and some other pictures where Jesus was pictured in more or less horrible paces and clothes and so on.

The christians in Sweden did not riot or tried to kill those responsible, they want to live in a democratic society with the right to even critzise their own religion.”

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