Obama: I told ya Moody I’d rather deal
with the regime I knew than with one I didn’t
The Iranian demonstrators marching this summer in Tehran, were a collection of a number of different groups wanting different things. Many in the crowd wanted to be rid of the Islamic state, while others, like corrupt mullahs and former political leaders were worried about losing their clout and wealth, were using the unrest to score points against the existing regime. But it’s the Tundra Tabloids’ opinion that the majority wanted to be rid of the Iranian government an end to the Islamic state.
Obama missed a grand opportunity to support the dissidents, in much the same way George Bush Sr. blew the chance to support the Shiia unrest in southern Iraq after the Operation Dust Storm concluded, which led to round two in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Obama rejected involvement with their cause and now the rest is history, as the people who ran afoul of the regime are being put to death or jailed.
It’s hard to determine in a dictatorship whether people are really guilty of crimes, so the TT leaves open the possibility that some of the people convicted were in fact criminals, but its the height of irony that a highly criminal government stands in judgement of them. Obama blew it, and he’ll turn a blind eye to what the Iranian government is doing now, in much the same way as he did during the summer.  KGS

Iran sentences 5 to death in postelection turmoil

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – Iran has sentenced five people to death over the unrest that followed the country’s disputed June presidential election, state television reported Tuesday.
At least three others caught up in the turmoil have received death sentences previously.
Iran began a mass trial in August of prominent opposition figures and activists, accusing them of a range of charges from rioting to spying and plotting what authorities have called a “soft revolution” to topple the country’s Islamic rulers.
The opposition led massive street protests and clashed with security forces in the weeks following the disputed June 12 presidential election. The opposition claimed fraud after election authorities declared President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner of a second term and their anger unleashed the most serious internal unrest in Iran in the 30 years since the Islamic Revolution.
A Justice Department statement said the five sentenced to death were members of “terrorist and armed opposition groups,” state television reported. The statement said the courts have sentenced a total of 89 defendants since the process began and 81 of them got prison terms ranging from six months up to 15 years.
“So far, 89 of defendants were tried and based on their cases, death sentences were issued for five of them,” the statement said.
It said the 81 people sentenced to prison terms were charged with a range of offenses from security violations, agitating against the Islamic Republic, violating law and order, damaging public and private property, and assaulting civilians and security forces.

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